Magick and Polarity Beyond Sex

The idea of energy and polarity in magick has been tickling my brain this week. Most likely because I have been browsing forums quite a bit and came across a few related discussions. Dion Fortune also has a chapter on Polarity in her book The Cosmic Principle. No doubt there are many other places one … Read more

Listening To Your Inner Guidance

Life is not meant to be a struggle. Relax!

For the last week or so I haven’t been sleeping well. Up at all hours, some nights I just gave up and read until dawn. Last night though was different. I slept at least 7 hours only getting up once to use the bathroom. I feel so much better! Lack of sleep is no fun. … Read more

Getting Started with Astrology

Getting Started in Astrology

We replaced the sixty year old circuit panel in our house this summer. Our old panel buzzed menacingly on regular basis. Also, being an old design there was  no main switch to shut power off to the house. The buzzing had something to do with the water heater circuit breakers having welded themselves to the … Read more

How To Empower Your Magick with Video Games

About 5 minutes ago a dark dragon from Sky: Children of the Light attacked, again. I am getting a little cocky in the game. Lost some winged light I am going to have to find. Again. No worries. I’ll get them back though I do have a bit of adrenaline pumping right now. Just like … Read more

Sorcery and Power

What is Sorcery? Sorcery is often consider evil or malevolent. Why? After looking through enough background references I came to a conclusion. Sorcery is often magick people in power find threatening for the little people to wield. Will they use it? Oh yeah. Do they want the peons using it? No way. Going deeper, what … Read more

Dreaming and Connection with a Dying Fawn

Yesterday evening while I was out in the backyard I heard a loud crack come from the street. Sounded like a baseball bat hitting a rock really hard. Only it wasn’t. When we went to see what was going on a young woman was in the middle of the road standing over a spotted fawn. … Read more

Two Ways to Use Books in Magick

From the beginning way back in the 1970s I have been using books on my magickal path. Sure I have had a few in-person teachers along the way but mostly direct experience and intuition have been my guides. And books. Being pretty independent doesn’t help either. While I do enjoy people’s companies I have a … Read more

How to Learn Magick

Leaving room for the possibility that the physical universe can be influenced by your will and relationships with non-physical beings is all that’s needed to learn magick. A small crack in your perception of the world will do. You don’t really have to have faith even. You will learn magick by experimenting and seeing magickal … Read more