How To Choose a Tarot Deck

Buy them all. Seriously, the first deck is really just a gateway the next one, and the next one. I have been good about not over doing it but the temptation is definitely there! Are you getting ready to buy your first deck? There are a few things to consider in your shopping. Mostly, though, … Read more

Developing Your Tarot Intuition

Shuffle, shuffle, cards picked, and now what? What the heck are you supposed to do to craft an insightful story from the scenes on the cards in front of you? Sure there is the little book which came with the cards. Eventually though most tarot enthusiasts want to move beyond the little book. So how … Read more

Taking My Own Counsel and Illusions of Success

Yesterday I met with a friend for coffee and conversation. The coffee shop is right on Bellingham Bay at Boulevard Park. Feet from the beach I took the above sunset picture. Beautiful. We are both ocean lovers so perfect. After a while we were sharing about entrepreneurial pursuits and ideas we are pursuing. For myself, … Read more