How To Empower Your Magick with Video Games

About 5 minutes ago a dark dragon from Sky: Children of the Light attacked, again. I am getting a little cocky in the game. Lost some winged light I am going to have to find. Again. No worries. I’ll get them back though I do have a bit of adrenaline pumping right now. Just like … Read more

Two Ways to Use Books in Magick

From the beginning way back in the 1970s I have been using books on my magickal path. Sure I have had a few in-person teachers along the way but mostly direct experience and intuition have been my guides. And books. Being pretty independent doesn’t help either. While I do enjoy people’s companies I have a … Read more

How to Learn Magick

Leaving room for the possibility that the physical universe can be influenced by your will and relationships with non-physical beings is all that’s needed to learn magick. A small crack in your perception of the world will do. You don’t really have to have faith even. You will learn magick by experimenting and seeing magickal … Read more

Finding Your Power Spot – A Circle in the Woods

Have you ever experienced a spot on the Earth which just gushed energy? Years ago I was out wandering in the woods and came across such a spot. There wasn’t anything particularly notable about this spot physically. Typical Pacific Northwest forest, really. A rotten log nearby, some Sword Ferns and trees which were likely third … Read more

How To Choose a Tarot Deck

Buy them all. Seriously, the first deck is really just a gateway the next one, and the next one. I have been good about not over doing it but the temptation is definitely there! Are you getting ready to buy your first deck? There are a few things to consider in your shopping. Mostly, though, … Read more

Hekate and Liminal Lessons

Four o’clock in the morning and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Past experiments with seeking help getting to sleep from other realms had shown some promise. Last night I ended up pulling all those experiments together in desperation as much as anything. I can only really say this in hindsight because at the time … Read more