Do You Feel The Energy Flowing in Your Body?

My wife was still asleep while I was deciding whether to get out of bed. Then I did something I haven’t done very consistently over the last year. I got my body buzzing with energy and started guiding the energy flow. Life Challenges Why the lack of focus on energy work for almost a year? … Read more

Witchcraft, What’s Holding You Back?

One day you are driving kids to dentist appointments the next you are wandering the woods looking for tools for a ceremony. Feeling your guides connect while staring at a spreadsheet? Is this what we signed up for in this incarnation? Yeah, probably. At least for me this incarnation has a specific challenge. Amnesia. I … Read more

Living the Magickal Path

Initiation There I stood tears streaming down my face, arms raised to the sky. The energy surging from the earth through my body. Somehow the birds in the trees felt me because they started screaming at the same time. I call this moment in my life, Initiation. Life opened a mystery for me to experience … Read more

My New to Me Baby Sister

In my last post I wrote about my early 2019 adventure to the Emergency Room. While that was exciting, as was starting my first corporate cubicle job in decades, and the bathroom remodel, 2019 had more in store for me. On Saturday night of Father’s Day weekend we were on the couch watching Netflix or … Read more

Headless Rite Before Bed

Few things in life are more frustrating than not being able to get to sleep. Sleep is everything! At least, it sure seems like it when you aren’t getting enough. Usually, I fall asleep in a reasonable amount of time. When I can’t get to sleep though I get really frustrated. Why? Because I often … Read more

Geometry, Chi, & Magick

About 5 minutes ago I was in meditation. Asking for my next step I get the nudge to write about mathematics, or more specifically, geometry in meditation. So here I am. For decades the tesseract as drawn on paper has fascinated me. Here’s a video I found which has some mind boggling animation to ponder. … Read more

11:11 and Synchronicities

Train went by at 11:11 AM yesterday as I arrived at the park. Stenciled on the front and back was “DO NOT HUMP” A few minutes later I took the above picture. Beth is big on the 11:11 thing. So when I saw 11:11 on my phone I admit I did pause to contemplate what … Read more