Client Feedback

I had the pleasure of getting to know Eric as he was coming into his spiritual power when we were living together in an intentional community house in Bellingham about a year ago. I sought council from Eric who’s stable, loving and non-judgmental paternal force-field invited me in instantly.

Though open-ended questions he was able to facilitate the inner dialog that helped me decide for myself what to do about an issue instead of offering advice and deciding for me. He was always open for conversation and his friendly demeanor always encouraged depth and honesty in our relationship.

Our spiritual compatibility and mutual interest in the occult led to Eric offering to assist me in alleviating headaches, sinus pressure, hip pain and general malease through energy therapy and deep relaxation techniques.

Eric worked with me at no-cost because of his pure love for healing and bringing light into people’s lives is so clear and unadulterated he didn’t need compensation. When someone is willing to heal out of a devotion to love and the human/animal spirit, I think it marks someone who is sincere and truly in touch with the Divine. I highly recommend connecting with Eric if you would like to learn more about yourself and how to recognize that the Divine already exists within you.


I was amazed at how responsive my body was to Eric’s energy session. I could feel each of my chakras quickly clear, align and sing it’s own tune. Being around Eric gave me a sense of comfort, relaxation and I knew I was in good hands. I would highly recommend Eric for energy work.


Having worked with Eric Cole for two years now, I have grown to respect his integrity and his skills in ways I did not at first expect. Eric is genuine. He is truthful and very easy to be with. That was not the surprise to me. What surprised me was his way of knowing the next step in a conversation or a search pertaining to personal growth about two steps ahead of me every time.

I spent 25 years under the grueling tutelage of two masters of Nei Kung (Neigong) and Ch’i Kung (Qigong) The first 19 of those years were primarily under the foot of a small Japanese woman named Ayame. It was not until the 19th year of my studies with her that I realized she had taught me a mixture of Neigong and half a dozen other energy arts from all over the globe. She was demanding almost to a fault. Her lessons were emotionally spine breaking and what I learned from her in the use of personal energy use and commanding myself is priceless. Her goal? Love at every level and the ability to trust the path given to you blinding and with a sense of endless power. I grew to love the tyrant.

Upon meeting Eric, I found a master of my equal—a born master who has self-taught the use of energy and self-command since the age of nine. He has every intuitive and energetic skill I spent 25 years gaining under the loving whips of two master teachers. Eric did it on his own. That is to be commended and highly respected.

When I have questions or matters of new discoveries to share, I do so with few people, my current master included. Eric is top of a very short list. When it comes time that I have an unanswered issue, Eric is the number one choice for picking through the levels of confusion and finding an answer I had no idea existed, and it happens over coffee with no intent! It just happens, every time.

Eric is a natural seer without seeing. He just knows. If I try to put it in other terms, I will muddy the waters.

D Jon Harrison, Bellingham, WA
Author of Soul Mating (formerly Ayame’s Heart) and Soul Mating with your Sacred Twin (formerly Sacred Twins)
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